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About Us

NORDSTREN is a B2C online fashion shopping destination. Founded in 2015, in past years, NORDSTREN has achieved rapid

development on a global scale, ranking among the top online shopping websites, we offer a wide range of clothing, shoes, bags,

accessories to help you-our customers pursuit your styles.And have won recognition and trust from customers in Europe, America,

MiddleEast, Southeast Asia.

NORDSTREN - The meaning behind the brand name is our goal to provide consumers fashion products with unique designs.

We aim to discover new fashion frends and explore the unique style that combines with art through independent design.

We are committed to leading the users to pursuit the ideal life of leisure and comfort, and inspire them to define their beauty

email: [email protected]

Telephone: (603) 232-0710

Address: 32 River Birch cir,Manchester,NH 03102,US